How to be Safe While Using Electronic Devices

Electronics are important as they play different roles in our lives and that of the society at large. However, they can be quite different especially if not properly or rightly used. Although there are many different types, there are some general rules that can be observed so as to be considerably safe.

Always read the instructions before using the devices. Every gadget comes with a manual. This manual is important because every gadget, even if they are doing the same thing, has its own unique way of being handled. This understanding before using the devices helps us avoid some things like fires and spoiling the gadgets themselves. For instance, some devices may blow up if the battery terminals are connected in the reverse order or a battery of a slightly higher power is fixed in it.

Always use a device or gadget for the purpose it was meant for. Some hi fi systems are also made to be amplifiers for microphones and other sound devices. This does not mean that all of them are. If one is not made to be an amplifier, trying to force it to be one can be dangerous to your health and the use of the gadget and even other gadgets. For instance if you connect a hi fi system as an amplifier when it is not supposed to be, the gadget to which it is connected may be spoil.

Unless you are a qualified technician, never try repairing your electronic gadget by yourself. As much as they use power to function, repairing them exposes one to the risk of electric shock and of course spoiling the device even further. These devices for instance have miniature transformers in them. These are never really free of power after just being switched off. If a person opens it up immediately after being on, there might still be enough power in the transformer to shock him/ her.

If the devices are rechargeable, never charge them while sleeping next to them. The gadgets can overheat and explode causing serious burns and fires. It can also be fatal. A case in point is the recent recall of a high end phone series after a number of them exploded. As much as we believe this may not happen easily, prevention is better than cure. Always make sure the gadgets are unplugged from power sockets when not in use and not charging. Sometimes power comes back after a blackout and spoils the devices. This, again, can be a source of fire due to power surges that may be experienced.

Always observe the safety rules when using the devices. For example, never drive while texting or reading mail on your mobile device. This poses a great danger to the other road users and pedestrians as it interferes with your reaction time. Do not ride your bike in busy towns while listening to music. This will hinder you for instance from hearing vehicles beeping their horns at you or people shouting at you to help you. The consequences of such mistakes can be grave and sometimes fatal. Such accidents are avoidable.

If possible, use passwords on your mobile devices. These protects the device from people with malicious intent. It may not be enough protection but it is a start.

Safety in using devices to a great extent depends on us. If we practice safe use of the devices, some of the consequences and unpleasant results can be avoided or even totally be done away with. It is the initiative of the user to adopt safe practices to ensure their own safety.

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