Windows 10 Features to Try

featuresWith operating software updates come learning curves. The introduction of several new features and a new layout can be overwhelming – making you feel like you’re back at square one. Customize and improve the way you use Windows 10 to make it work for you.

If you regularly use multiple windows for work or personal use, or if you hate to manually perform tasks and prefer shortcuts, read on. We have compiled a list of some new tips and tricks you can use to make the most out of Windows 10’s new look and feel.

Multi-tasking Gestures

Windows 10 supports track pad gestures, some of which you may have used already:
• Pinch-to-zoom
• Two-finger scrolling T
• Two-finger tap to right click.

Some new track pad gestures introduced in windows 10 include:
• Three-finger swipe upwards – This reveals Task View which allows you to switch apps or create a new desktop.
• Three-finger swiping to the left or right activates Alt+Tab
• Three-finger swiping downwards shows the desktop.
• Three-finger tapping opens Cortana
• Four-finger tapping opens the Action Center, which shows your notifications.

Window Snapping
Window snapping is great for those with large screens or who are power-multitaskers. In Windows 10, you have the ability to snap screens to one-half of the display, snap to a corner – giving you space for up to 4 screens on 1. This is available for those who use dual monitors as well. Once you snap a window – Snap Assist should appear. Snap Assist suggests other programs to fill up the remaining quadrants of your displays, making working from multiple windows seamlessly.

Keyboard shortcuts
Use these new shortcuts to avoid manually searching for the tools you need.
• Windows 10 also brings a host of new shortcuts to use to make your workflow more simplified.
• Windows Key+ Tab will bring up Task View
• Windows Key+Right-Up will move an app to the top right quadrant of the screen
• Windows Key+Ctrl-Left or Right will bring up your virtual desktop.
• Windows Key+Ctrl-D will open a new virtual desktop.
• Windows Key+Ctrl-C will enable Cortana to actively listen for new commands.
• Windows Key+S will give you a glance at the weather, news, and sports based off of your location and preferences.
• Windows Key+Ctrl-F4 will close your virtual desktop.
• Windows Key+Up and Down will snap apps to the bottom or top of your screen.

Customize Your Start Menu
Even though the new start menu is much less invasive and already laid out much more neatly than before, you can customize it to make it even better. Resize your tiles by right-clicking them and selecting Resize. You can also remove some of the tiles you don’t use by unpinning them or uninstalling them in the same way.

Even though Windows 10 looks completely different than Windows 8, overall it is much easier to use, visually more appealing and comes with plenty of shortcuts to streamline your workflow.

What are your favorite shortcuts? Are there any that we missed? Let us know in the comment section!